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My Own Private Moon 2016

My Own Private Moon curated by Karrie Ross September 2016

My Own Private Moon curated by Karrie Ross September 2016

This is the final hanging of the show. Deceptive it might have been with my request to paint a Moon. My curatorial vision extended not only to from the individual Moon work being created but to the final hanging of sets and the vibration of the coming-together.

The Moon theme was suggested to me about a year ago after a piece I did for the Waterworks II show in Ojai finished so beautifully, the connection I had with water, the moon, science interaciton, global warming, axis changes, and the human element spurred me on and extended my vision. My focus all along was for a traveling show, Galleries, Museums, college galleries, public spaces, please contact me with any interest, I have several ideas for extended iterations planned. Continue reading

Exploring the “DOT, DROP, DRIP” and sometimes spatter!

Over the years my love of  creating the “abstract with purpose” has brought me great joy. The finished paintings whether a lightly covered watercolour or massively covered oil… the dot, drop and drip with a little spatter has created a depth of pleasant surprises.

The latest in this overall exploration is the Color Dot Exploration….



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Art Lighting… not what you are thinking… this is interactive and amazing!

I had the pleasure to experience this installation of LED lighting by Eric Gradman of Virsix at the 2010 LA Brewery ArtWalk this April.

The Brewery is a colony of buildings filled with artist lofts ranging from condo like with outside spaces to surrounding an atrium area to 8″wide hallways shooting off from left to right into apartment-like spaces. If you’ve never taken the time to explore this event, I encourage you to make the time. It occurs twice a year in April and September.

Eric’s space was off one of the hallways…you walk in through a narrow hall and pow there it is… this expanse of LED lights that respond to your touch. I was mesmerized and had to play.  Thank goodness for iphones or this photo would not have been taken as I forgot my regular camera… as taking photos of others work is usually not permitted.

Eric was in his element sitting silently in a chair next to a computer watching all the action his creation was getting. We spoke a little about his piece and a little about “GLOW“,  an installation show put on by the City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Department… an all night event and all about lights and interaction in art… Check it out this September 25th… 7pm to 7am… yep that’s all night.

Tell me about an experience you’ve had…or your thoughts….

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Karrie Ross, Los Angeles Artist