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OCCCA@40 Exhibition

OCCCA @ 40  An Online Exhibition with a selection of artists, past and present, who have exhibited at OCCCA   HERE   To find the work of an artist, scroll down and type the name in “Search artists”  Exhibition dates: June 6 – July 25, 2020.  About the OCCCA @ 40 Online Exhibition and Sale.   40 never looked so good! The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art’s 40th year anniversary celebration can be seen online HERE.

My piece “EGGs Traveling Through Time”; 2019; 72×72; mixed media on arches. Was selected to be part of the exhibition. The nine squares are moments in the journey, think of it as a tic-tac-toe layout of being able to transverse in any direction at any time in many spaces.  Light reflecting on the big EGGs in the middle as a grounding balance like in the feng shui bagua where the yin yang symbol is positioned. Another moment in the metaphorical representation of life’s echoing vibrational pull.

EGGs Traveling Through Time; 2019; 72z72; mixed media on arches.

OCCCA’s fabulous four-decade history is testimony to the many talented artists who have participated in its exhibitions.  Relax and enjoy OCCCA@40. Seductive, surprising, and inspiring, OCCCA@40 is an online exhibition not to be missed.

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Creative Distancing: Art Museum of South Texas 2020 June thru August

Art Museum of South Texas
06/02/2020 – 08/02/2020 ; Mixed Media
Chapman Gallery
Creative Distancing: An Exhibition of Community Creativity
In response to COVID-19 restrictions, we often refer to a “new normal” where we are apart and yet so connected.
The Art Museum of South Texas will open our doors once again, and when we can, we want to reflect on this time. Each person has endured new challenges and found new ways to cope. We invite the community to be present in the Museum via an image of what they created during this COVID-19 isolation.

“The Beginning”; 23″x32″; mixed media, collage, ink, paint, on paper. 2020


Artwork dialogue:
“The Beginning” was constructed over a 14 day period during the Covid-19 quarantine. A time where life is more real and smack in our faces. A journey of thoughts, feelings and actions beginning with the intent to explore the below, above and in-betweens that occur in our lives. The joys of watching and celebrating the planting of seeds, facing facts and fears as the memories of times past keep popping up from out of nowhere demanding answers to the unknown questions. Alone, confined, restricted, and escape only to begin again… a journey.

Beginning each day; I wake up, I speak hello, I make busy, I plant seeds.

Hello Karrie
Thank you for your submission, we hope to see you at the Museum when we re-open June 2nd! Your work will be displayed with others in a looping presentation of projections in the Chapman Gallery at the Museum. Thanks,  Art Museum of South Texas

06/02/2020 – 08/02/2020
Mixed Media
Chapman Gallery
Creative Distancing: An Exhibition of Community Creativity
In response to COVID-19 restrictions, we often refer to a “new normal” where we are apart and yet so connected.
The Art Museum of South Texas will open our doors once again, and when we can, we want to reflect on this time. Each person has endured new challenges and found new ways to cope. We invite the community to be present in the Museum via an image of what they created during this COVID-19 isolation.
On the days that we can invite the public back into the galleries we want to do so with the energy of our local creatives. We seek to show your insights and creative capital by projecting on the walls in the Chapman Gallery. We want to see and show what our community has tried, maybe something new, maybe a continuation. It can take many forms and individuals, of any age, are invited to submit a digital picture of their creations. The mix is the magic.
The ongoing submission process will extend through July 2020. At the conclusion of the exhibition, selected jurors will award prizes and the public will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite online. (1st prize $500, 2nd prize $250, 3rd prize $100, and public’s choice $250)
Deborah Fullerton

Curator of Exhibitions, Art Museum of South Texas



EGGs Coloring Book; 2020

Hi there, I have made a coloring book using the 86 images I’ve created since the beginning of 2020.

I started these drawings when my first intention was to make a piece of art a day for the year of 2020, it being my 70th year on the planet. BUT, I got distracted after 86, about 1/4 of what I needed for the full book and I thought there would be writing. This also happened at the same time the coronavirus started quarantining everyone. One would think this is a good time to concentrate on the artwork but not for me. My work is based on my feelings and the drawings stared to show my worry so I stopped and took a detour to make them a coloring book. AND this is what I made. They are fun and alive in their antics their sense of life during our time in quarantine. Their discoveries and their questions. Basically there is a lot going on which should make for a really sweet drawing adventure. YOU CAN add patterns and symbols and lots of color to your pages bringing the EGGs into your own special world.

The book is available from amazon, here is the link. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0891ZYQ56?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.


Call & Response #2: Ashton Phillips and Karrie Ross

A collaboration during the COVID-19 Quarantine. Call & Response #2 organized by Kristine Shomaker, had 50 artists paired by a blind draw and given two weeks, or 14 collaborations, which works out to be 7 for each artist. One artist begins and the collaborations proceeds. They can paint, audio, write, video, etc. Each works off the other. A ‘something to do’ during the quarantine. I answered the call, was paired with Ashton Phillips to collaborate with… I think we had a really good time. This slide show is the best representation of our efforts.

There is a complete catalogue of images and emails available at this link on Amazon. Or search for Karrie Ross. The year 2020 is a stress-filled time where artists have to use their ability to communicate when the outside world is going through some tough experiences and especially for me in the USA. I believe that Artists are here to document through artwork that examples the world. Karrie Ross and Ashton Phillips rose to the occasion and collaborated with 50 other artists.

There is an event page at the link is below. Ashton made an audio and two videos and their links are also below this slideshow. And the email correspondences are also below the slideshow. We both put a lot into the final images so if you want to pass all the images leading to the end… click on the end two images in the grid.


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My Art My Passions 2019

I’ll be 70 yrs old in November 2019 and as life happens one never knows what the day will bring. My fascinations with the art of #LouiseBourgeois #MCEscher #MarcelDuchamp #ManRay #JoanMiro #Dali #CyTwombly and others keep me moving forward into my own creative world of art. The always evolving explorations of concept, context, form, process, medium, and I’m sure there is more as I think on it. There is a happy that sets in.

Over the past few years I’ve come to realize that it’s not the quantity I make, although I am prolific, it’s not even the quality because some of my most crude pieces are dearly admired… I found that its the passion, the idea, the button it pushes… some artists work refers to the overtly social/political, or self-help, or emotional, or cute, or mind bending perspectives or … the whatever it is that eats into the soul of the artist, their thing they need to live with more and with a louder voice being seen and heard fuels the course… and

I think I’ll stop here for now and let the thoughts calm down. With love.

“Egg on Lily Pad Blue”; 6×6-ceramic and wire with wooden-egg

AND here is a new exploration a new love a new want and need for me. “Egg on Lily Pad Blue”; 6×6; ceramic and wire with wooden egg. ©Karrie Ross 2019 all rights reserved.


Studio Channel Islands Blackboard Gallery in Camarillo; Light & Space Through Time; solo show 2019

Exhibition Dates: August 3rd thru September 21st, 2019
Opening; August 3 from 4pm to 7pm
Gallery Hours: Tue-Fri 11 – 5 p.m. and Sat 11 – 3 p.m.
Studio Channel Islands:   2222 E Ventura Blvd.,  Camarillo, CA 93010  (map)
Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/542430032959641/?active_tab=discussion

Here are some images from the exhibit. I’ll post more after the opening so please come back and see photos of the exhibition as it is curated and hung in the space.

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OCCCA: Therefore I Am; July-August 2019

Therefore, I Am

Exhibition Dates: July 6, 2019 – August 24, 2019
Therefore, I Am is about the representation of identity in art, 
self-portraiture, constructed personas, artistic alter egos, and hybrids — sexual, political, and cultural — in painting, sculpture, assemblage, photography, video, installation, fashion, and craft.

Juror: Meghan Doherty, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, 
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)


Keeping Hope Safe
Dimensions: 58×36

Keeping Hope Safe
Dimensions: 58″x40″
Material: acrylic, wire, collage
Year: 2018
Description of work: A vignette of where Hope lives within us all, and others see and respond.

Statement: What is your energy telling the world?

A collaboration with nature: I direct my interests to seeking the answers for what it is like to ‘be human’. I observe and listen to how people interact. How they address their personal internal and community external interactions that create a story or unseen dialogue.

My mixed-media art is constructed from the info I gather into physical form, applying juxtapositions intended to twist perception and make changes on a cellular level. Make them to look deeper and re-evaluate.

“Ross’ art work is about the pursuit of answerable questions. She lives for them, and frames a life through the use of questions, rules and parameters.”
~Robert S., reviewer

The motion of art actually creates its own physics. Visual Art in motion touches more people with a greater impact.


Featured Artists
Samantha Aasen, Hannah Altman, Stephen Anderson, Richard Bohn, Yuri Boyko, Ray Bravo, Leslie Brown, Martin Bustamante, Andrea Castillo, Mary Chabre, Elise Chang, Kalvino Coria, Sheena Dowling, Lou Eberhard, Courtney Geiger, Ellen Goellner, Donna Gough, Britt Harrison, Caroline PM Jones, Shelley Kommers, Lily La Bare, Heather Layton, Jung ji Lee, Ryan Lewis, Katherine Chang Liu, Louis Longi, Stevie Love, Jamie Luoto, Andres Martinez, Galina Mihaleva, Andrea Moni, Adon Newman, Michael Pribich, Robin Repp, Brennan Roach, Ellen Rosenberg, Karrie Ross, Janey Saavedra, Richard Sawdon Smith, Joseph Szkodzinski, Ronda Urdang, Winnie van der Rijn, Sandra Chen Weinstein, Kurt Weston, Kathrine Worel, Gina Yu.


Susan Eley Fine Art: On The Rocks, Summer Exhibition; June thru August


“Peaking”; 2019; 18″x12″; collage and acrylic on panel

A juried Summer group show of contemporary artworks features depictions of majestic mountain ranges, rocky crags, bluffs, peaks, hills, steep cliffs and monoliths.

June 26 – August 29, 2019 | Opening Reception: June 26, 2019


46 West 90th Street
New York, NY 10024

Press Release
A Summer Juried Show
June 26 – August 29, 2019
Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 26, 6-8pm
We are delighted to announce the opening of “ON THE ROCKS”, SEFA’s first juried
exhibition, opening on Wednesday, June 26 with a reception for the artists from 6-8 pm.
The exhibition will remain on view through August 29.

After jurying two exhibitions as a guest curator in 2018-19 – at the Silvermine Art Center
and the Mamaroneck Artists Guild – owner/director Susan Eley decided to jury one in Continue reading

For Sale: When Pigs Fly Series #1,2,3 now available as prints

When Pigs Fly Series, 1,2,3; prints on paper or canvas, and totes, towels, pillows and more… are now available on Fine Art America. They are offered in two paper sizes and if you want frames or not. And contact me if you want to commission a piece. Contact me here for commissions or questions.

The store offers prints, pillows, totes, shower curtain, phone case and more….

Painting: Watercolor on Paper. There is a saying “When Pigs Fly” I have been intrigued with for years and finally painted a series of three. I often drive through Topanga Canyon and am inspired by the flying pig that is mounted high up on a pole somewhere in the middle of it. The painting is in watercolor and I use a brush for the back ground wash but a pallet knife for the rest… I like the surreal look it gives the landscape.


A Californian native of Los Angeles through and through

From my latest show at Tieken Gallery in Chinatown, Los Angeles, California June/July 2018

My art builds a story sometimes not seen but felt. I am a Californian born in Los Angeles. My backyard has been the Pacific. I married twice, both were surfers who helped me stay in touch with my one love— my home … the sun, the ocean, the desert and mountains. An endless ebb and flow of observation and feelings now taken into my art. The watching of people and nature and the hows they interact. Living in California with so many warm clear days, the watching observing of nature, people and places are what we do. My watching shows up as abstract form in my artwork. Whether it’s the freedom of the watercolors, the alive of the oils, to the acrylics, my Los Angeles nature show up.

“Journey Beyond the Sun”; 4 pieces, 30″x22″ (total 84″x 64″) framed; watercolor on arches

They say “Its the light” that makes the art in California so different. I will agree. Our dose of sunshine seems to never end even on Continue reading

Indigo Journey; essay by Eve Wood

A big thank you to Eve Wood for the insightful essay about my artwork, “Indigo Journey”. Indigo and it’s aspects have played a big part in my life. Eve captures the essence of being an “indigo”. (Indigo Journey, 8 pieces 30×22 (64″x88″ overall); watercolor on handmade paper, 3D sculpture)

This is one of my newer pieces, of story and it is a beginning for many of the exhibit installations I create using my artwork as vignettes in the never ending story of being human. As my acupuncturist says, “life is change and the stories we create to live it.”

My art is/are stories and in arrangement create the story I want to tell at the moment, which changes over the illusion of time.

Karrie Ross: Mood Indigo
Essay By Eve Wood
May 2018

“Indigo Journey”; 8 pieces 30″x22″, watercolor on paper with assemblage hanging sculpture, 2018

The elegant and painterly drawings that comprise Karrie Ross’ most recent Indigo series are unsettling in their rawness and emotional tenor, yet sustain a mutable and effortless power. Working in a variety of media including acrylic and watercolor, these elegantly luminous drawings are deceptively simple. Mining the same territories as artists like Continue reading

2017 Art Exhibitions List Karrie Ross


October: Artshare LA: “Drawn Together”; group show; curator Mike Kelley; Los Angeles, CA

September: Room & Board: Angeleno Magazine: Los Angeles Family Housing Auction:Art & Home”; yearly event, Culver City, CA

September: Kellogg University Gallery CalPoly: “Ink & Clay”43; juried show, Pamona, CA

September: Berkeley Arts Center and Walter Maciel Gallery  With Liberty and Justice for Some”, #3 Traveling Group Show; Berkeley, CA Curator Monica Lundy; Berkeley, Ca

July: SBC / SoLA Gallery: “FRESH 2″, Group Show; Curator Fatemeh Burnes, Peter Frank; Los Angeles, CA

June: Mike Kelley Gallery/Beyond Baroque:: “The Nature of Things”; Gallery C “Balance & Flow”; Three Solo Shows; Venice, CA.

April: Fresh Paint Advisory; Pasadena Showcase House of Design, three day interior design fair; Pasadena, CA.

April: Artist Portfolio Magazine: AWARD; Q1 Honorable mention, “Dances With Flowers” Continue reading