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Karrie Ross at the Gallery

I’m showing my new work at the Topanga Canyon Gallery  ” PHOtO GLaSS PAiNT” featuring artwork by Karrie Ross, Felice Willat, Farideh Azad. The show dates are October 3 thru 28 and the Opening Reception and Silent Auction; is Saturday, October 6th, 3-6pm.  ARTIST Talk, Sunday, October 28th; 2-5pm. Please check the News page for further information.

I’ll be showing artwork from the My Trees Talking; and a variety of smaller works from Energy Blooms, Sprial Series, Birds Talking; Drop Dot.

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“My Trees Talking™” by Karrie Ross

Karrie Ross presents paintings, sculptures and a book for her new series “My Trees Talking™”.

Show Reception :  Saturday; October 6th; 3-6pm

Artist Talk : Sunday; October 28th; 2-5pm

At the Topanga Canyon Gallery; Pine Tree Circle; 120 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd., Suite 109; Topanga, CA 90290

Trees are all around us. They are alive. “Hug a tree!” we’re told… and we do.
Los Angeles has a MillionTreesLA.com project that has inspired me to create my own world of trees…some walk, some sing, some remind us of times past. AND they are speaking hiakus. “My Trees Talking”  brings to light the hidden life of trees. Through my vision and whimsical perspective combining artwork and the written word. TREEs you want to HUG will come alive for you. These trees will not crystalize your thoughts, they are not architecturally rendered; they are not assaulting or disruptive, inanimate or recycled visions of times past. “My Trees Talking” are extremely present and attentive to life in the everyday moment you breathe…and the action of breath is what connects all living things.

I ask a lot of questions. That is how I get in the mood to create artwork. Every piece of art has the action of researching a question. Some ask. Others answer. My focus is on the energy of the process, the how, the why, the who.

The research for my October show led me to the “Million Trees LA” project and I learned that so far they have helped distribute and plant around 350,000 trees to date. Wow… beautifying LA and trees… how much better can it be…. So, I decided to make, “TREES” the focus and imagery for my show!


I then pushed the process to form a question, and decided to explore it more. My thoughts went to the “My ____ Talking” series of books I’m writing, then I asked, “How can I work another book Continue reading

Karrie Ross “We Shine Brightly” bustier at Bliecher/Golightly Santa Monica; Test Pilots II Show

Karrie Ross at Bleicher/Golightly Gallery Santa Monica: Energy Blooms-Multi Dimension; 30×30; mixed media on canvas. “We Shine Brightly” bustier; 15w x 13h x 7d; mixed media and gold leaf on plastic form

Excited to say that one of the bustiers have also been added to the Blicher/Golightly Santa Monica; Test Pilots II Show May 23rd thru June 14th. at 1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica Ca. Between Broadway and Arizona. Opening Saturday May 26, 8-10 pm.

For more information see the previous post about the Energy Blooms piece.

Also available, order a customized personalization of ‘breast bustier’ art and words (using existing plastic form) for the collector. Please be sure to call me to arrange yours. 310-915-0920

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SOLD: “Love Garden” giclee 40″x40″

Giclee Print Sold: 40″x 40″; the print will be embellished with live paint dots for a special effect.
I am happy to say that this print will be heading up to Palo Alto for framing and installation in a private residence.

Drop-Dot Flowers Series: Love Garden!; 48×48; mixed media on canvas



Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles Fine Artist who writes about fine art business and process. She is available for educational panel discussions on her fine art and process. Her artwork is available for solo or group show, installations and public art opportunities. Please contact her at email for more information.



“GEM” at the Gallery 825… “Hand Magic” was selected…SOLD

Karrie Ross “Hand Magic” selected for GEM show April 2, 2011 Gallery 825; LAAAA

My piece Spiral Series: “Hand Magic”; 24 x 18; mixed mdeia on canvas; 2010; was one of the pieces selected for display in the annual fundraiser.

Los Angeles Art Association proudly presents

The Kickoff to LA’s Spring Art Season!

Saturday, April 2, 6 to 10p
One-night fundraising event

Preview the artwork

An Evening of Fine Art Discovery and First Dibs for Savvy Collectors: Gem Celebrates 5th Anniversary as One-Night-Only VIP Preview, Exhibition and Sale Benefiting The Los Angeles Art Association, on April 2nd, 2011. Continue reading

At the TAG 2010 California Juried Open

An artist must be seen to make a difference.

Spiral Series: Disperse: Karrie Ross at TAG 2010 California Juried Open Show

And I was ‘seen’ by Karen Moss, OCMA, who juried the TAG California Open, August- September. My piece, Spiral Series: Disperse, was among 50 pieces chosen to be displayed in the TAG space at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica.


Spiral Series: Disperse is 24 x 18; mixed media (oil, acrylic, and pencil) on box canvas with drawn edges. The symbol is my abstract representative of a hand, an energy transmitter, and comes to life within the transitions of the spiral drawings as they overlap and create tangent connections. Allowing the artwork to keep giving energy to those who view it… and take them on a visual journey… ” the imagination is our preview of life’s coming attractions”.

Being in juried group shows are an important part of the ‘being seen’ process of a fine artist. Not only for building the exhibition listing, but getting the art in front of a variety of curators,  jurors and galleries.

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With energy!
Karrie Ross

Karrie Ross with the “Birds” at the Topanga Canyon Gallery

“If Birds Can Fly… Why Can’t I?”

In the metaphor we live. I fly by way of my art. But August 13, 2010 we all flew by way of the “Welcome To Our House” show a the the Topanga Canyon Gallery. We had a great time and our special guests were birds and snakes and skunks and more. Check out the event at Topanga Canyon Gallery Online.

Blue Button Beach Birdhouse by Karrie Ross

Red Robin Robust Birdhouse by Karrie Ross

Part of the show was to decorate birdhouses of all kinds and shapes. It was awesome that each of the artists really showed their style in the houses they decorated. For mine I reverted back to the days of living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, my hippie/beatnik days… using  nature objects of bark and twigs, and resourceful with adding old buttons and toothpicks, topped off with primary colors of red, blue and yellow using stars and circles and squares.

"Birds-way" by Karrie Ross (humor from birds)

The second part of the show was to paint bird-ish paintings. For mine I added some humorous thoughts a bird might be thinking.

"Birds-way" by Karrie Ross (humor from birds)

Participating Gallery Artists include: Rebecca Andrews, Farideh Azad, Robin Becker, John Brunnick, Rebecca Catterall, Laurent Deimer, Robyn Feeley, Hadia Finley, Debbi Green, Susan Haskell, Carol Hernandez, Susan Lomino, Phillip Messena, Karrie Ross, Karen Saviskas, John Smith and Felice Willat.

A portion of the proceeds from this show benefit all of the animals at the Nature of Wildworks education center.

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With Energy!
Karrie Ross, Los Angeles Artist
Los Angeles Fine Artist

Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles Fine Artist who writes about the fine art business and process. She is available for educational panel discussions on her fine art and process. Her artwork is available for solo or group show opportunities. Please contact her at email for more information.

What do you think happens when you paint over older paintings?

Ever look at all the paintings you’ve painted… and not sold or not totally happy with… or your style has changed and well, they just don’t represent you the way you want to be seen anymore?

I have… and I took action to change the pile of “just sitting there” work into work I love and it lives. Of course these were watercolor on paper not work on canvas, that’s a different story I mention later on.

These two paintings from the “Mystical Druids Series” are an example of those paintings I’ve overpainted and although you can see the under painting, it still looks like it was meant to be, and that’s the trick. Now, yes,  I’m an abstract artist and this concept might not work for someone who paints landscapes or still life or people. Although, try it and see what happens, what the depth becomes and does it add to your work?

As an abstract artist my style changes over time, the imagery differs as does the energy shared. I woke up one night and jumped out of bed just to try this new addition to my style and it worked… I believe I was up all night painting over paintings that I did so many I had them all over my house to the point I could barely walk so I had to stop… until they dried.

“Can you do this with canvas?” you might be wondering. Yes, but of course with canvas you can totally cover the under painting, as I’ve done many times with success. Sometimes the bottom texture shows through and adds to the new work or it’s totally gone.

I wrote this mostly for the watercolor as it’s on paper and we might be stuck thinking that paper can’t be re-used…

Tell me about an experience you’ve had…

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Karrie Ross, Los Angeles Artist

Benefits of being a part of an Artist Community Gallery

“If art is not created, how can art change OUR world?”

A series by Artist Karrie Ross

Benefits of the Co-Op Gallery: One might not need to look too hard for a co-op gallery… it seems you can find them everywhere there are artists who are excited about the work they do and about sharing it with their community and the world. Sometimes it might not be a gallery but an organization of emerging and mid-career artists like the Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA.org) or a local artist lofts community bi-yearly art show like the LA Brewery ArtWalk or a non-profit fund raising event like the yearly Venice ArtWalk and Auction, but the goal of getting art out into the public’s eyes, getting noticed and making a difference, is the same.

Here are the benefits I’ll be discussing in the series:

  • Gallery Space: this is the public space where the art is put on display.
  • Community: this is made up of the members of the gallery, the artists as well as the location public.
  • Running a Business: this involves Continue reading

Does “Levy Flight” and Art Collecting Have A Connection?

I just heard about the Levy flight, concept…when an animal has a territory where they live and find their food, and when they realize they have used up all the resources for this area, they go off in a random direction and start the process all over again and again.

Now does this, can we, relate this theory to art collecting consumer behavior… where a collector has created a pattern of collecting art… they  discover your art, admire it for awhile, buy several pieces… then you don’t see them again because they’ve started to admire another artists work… of which they will repeat the pattern and again and be off to yet another artist never to return?

I remember running into a collector who purchased my earlier paintings, in our conversation they mentioned they didn’t connect as much to my current work so they weren’t interested anymore… but if I ever went back to the previous style, they’d be back. I did mention I would be happy to paint a commission piece in the style they resonated with but I wasn’t painting it as my main thrust anymore… alas…

I’d once met a very famous artist who was commissioned $30,000 to paint a 16×20 piece in a style they’d become famous for years before, this artist told me it was tough and they’d already been at it for months… it was something they still had to do!

Question: is there a solution to the problem of collectors moving on when your art changes as it usually does over time? Is this levy flight?

Tell me about an experience you’ve had…

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Karrie Ross, Los Angeles Artist