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2013 – 05 The Artists Journal

2013 – 05 The Artists Journal

One of the journals i kept.

One of the journals i kept.

Setting the scene… I’ll begin with the journal.

I met a little man today, who told me not to worry. He said that things will slowly change… except for those in a hurry.”

This was my first journal, at least the first one I actually filled with thoughts. I had one that was filled with sketches that was the 8×10 size as well.

I found I would write thoughts, observations, questions, poems, etc.  all the time on napkins, old envelopes, parking stubs…

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2013 – 04 A little history about ….

2013 – 04 A little history about my work…

notes-journalsWriting about my history seems ever so strange to me. Maybe because I lived it. However, I am an artist and to own that, for me, says more than anything else I could write.

Skipping over the ages 0 – 18 years old living with my parents… I’ll move on to 19yrs old, just married, husband shipped off to Vietnam, me working at The Broadway Department Store as Santa’s Helper. There was, and I swear it, a ghost living in my little apartment. How did I know you might ask? Well, I’d finish dinner, wash and drain the dishes, go to bed and in the morning… the dishes were back on the table.  NOW I’m not one to sleep walk so you tell me…!!

The first year I lived alone my Christmas tree was 3ft tall, I went to the tree yard on Christmas eve asking for a deal and they gave it to me, I didn’t make lots of money so I crocheted little Continue reading

2013 – 02 Holiday is past and work work begins

2013 Holiday is Past and work-work begins

bow-i-am-dance-by-karrie-ross Years ago I painted lots more using watercolors. I painted a series titled “I Am The Dance”. It was of  dancers and the mixture of watercolor and pen & ink. I created a boarder and the dancers hands and feet broke through it… opening to the universe beyond. I used different weights of pen that created the wavy vibrations of the ink line. This one is titled “The Bow”.

I like this series.
in the movement life’s explored
beyond our vision

# # #

$  The images are available, 23″ x 30″; originals on strathmore paper OR as giclee.


Karrie Ross is a California Fine Artist who writes about the fine art business and process. She is available for educational panel discussions on her fine art and process and/or interactive workshops where you can explore your artist-within.  Her artwork is available for solo or group show, installations and public art opportunities. Please contact her at email for more information.