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Breast Awareness Auction at Very Venice Gallery

Breast Awareness: Karrie Ross, Michelle Ferrera, and Rachel Partiali, all Los Angeles based fine artists, present their artwork in honor of breast cancer awareness month this October. Each of their art portrays a different aspect of breast awareness. Through their unique expressions, they each depict their journeys to health and healing. A percentage of their proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Inc.

Karrie Ross, Los Angeles fine artist.

Ross’ Spiral Series: Bustiers were created to continue the conversations she has with her breasts chatter and attitude…from their back, interior dialogue, to the front, visual imagery that is shown to the world. This is an ongoing cathartic experience for her as it brings her closer to her body in a new and special way…which has inspired a whole series of books that she is writing in the http://www.TheLifeDialogue.com series of which My Breasts Talking™ is the first, guiding her to a greater awareness of what makes us who we are. The “coming alive from the inside out.” Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles based fine artist who paints, draws, and sculpts art that fulfills the need for energy transformation.

The other two artists:

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The Bustiers are talking on the Chicago Billboard Project

Chicago Billboard Project getting Breast Awareness images by Karrie Ross

Chicago Billboard Project. Ten cropped enlarged images from the Spiral Series bustiers and portraits have been chosen for the Chicago Billboard Project to air the whole month of October 2011. I choose to add the words “Breast Awareness” as October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And my images have a lot to do with breasts….the portraits emphasize them and the bustiers are all about them, the internal (back copy) and external (front artwork) dialogue that goes on.

I’m excited about this project, wish I could be there to see them ‘live’ in full size. There are not many things that can top the feeling of seeing ones art out in the world larger than life… here’s looking forward to more opportunities to show my artwork in similar displays. See samples below of other images in this display.

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