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Show at Bergamot Saturday January 10, 6-9pm

These two pieces will be at BG Gallery this Saturday for the upcoming “144” exhibition, The show is made up of 12×12 art on panels. These pieces are from my new “Precious Gold” series. “One, with Bird and Egg” and “One Times Three”; gold leaf, ink, and acrylic.

Opening on Saturday,
January 10th, 6-9 p.m. Continue reading

A Poem: “Pauses” by Karrie Ross

Separations create pauses
in which we take notice of the
difference created by the absence
of what we’re used to
— habit
something we’ve attached ourselves to
for fear of  loss
control of self
yet our desire is to be
so where does control fit
boundaries limits
keeping our ‘self’ safe from
others who feed on our energy
we control our availability
there is only so much energy to go around
no waste

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