Spiral Series new sub-category… Energy Blooms!

“If we see it, will it change our lives?”

I figure we all have a dream, something we want to put our energy toward making it happen. This sub-category of “Energy Blooms” creates a visual of one of the ways energy enters our lives. “Do you see it?” the image of the bloom… “Do you feel it?” the vibration of energy from the visual movement of imagery on the canvas…

I just ‘happened’ upon this look… I do a test of something new and there it is… I bought a new brush and was trying it out on some scrap paper, you know, getting used to how much paint it carries and how the brush responds to touching paper or canvas, the chemistry of the elements… so,  when I filled it up with paint, got a piece of paper and splatted it … the image showed up as the bloom of a flower… the swirling lines and drops of paint, another test I put my brushes through, help to increase the vibration the painting shares in eye movement and balance.

Take a look, tell me what you see and feel… I’m very happy with this look and glad I bought the lone brush on sale waiting for someone… ME … to show it some love!

Spiral Series: Energy Blooms: Expanding: 18 x 24; mixed media box canvas drawn edges; Karrie Ross, ©2010 all rights reserved.

and here is another one…

Spiral Series: Energy Blooms: We Dance: 24 x 24; mixed media box canvas drawn edges; Karrie Ross, ©2010 all rights reserved.

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In energy!
Karrie Ross

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