Show at Bergamot Saturday January 10, 6-9pm

These two pieces will be at BG Gallery this Saturday for the upcoming “144” exhibition, The show is made up of 12×12 art on panels. These pieces are from my new “Precious Gold” series. “One, with Bird and Egg” and “One Times Three”; gold leaf, ink, and acrylic.

Opening on Saturday,
January 10th, 6-9 p.m.
BG Gallery Bleicher/Golightly/Gorman ,
Gallery is located in the hall space next to the paper store.
2525 Michigan Ave, G8A
Santa Monica, California 90404

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"One, with Bird and Egg!"; 12x12 on panel, gold leaf, ink acrylic

"One, Times Three"; 12x12 on panel, gold leaf, ink acrylic

PG-One-bird-egg-8in thumbnail
PG-One-times-3-8in thumbnail

Hope to see you there.

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