Press Your Breasts by Karrie Ross

Saturday, April 18, 2015 at the Red Pipe gallery, I’ll be showing a new series performance piece “Press Your Breasts” where the work shown are mono prints using my breasts as the element of pressing. There will be a video posted soon.

The show is titled Old Broads and features the work of twenty-two female, visual artists over the age of 50, currently working in the Los Angeles area. The show seeks to showcase … and celebrate artists who bring a lifetime of experience and experiences to their work.

As Stevie Love so nicely stated: “So excited to be a part of this show and proud to be an old broad— read…  glamorous wise woman, who has been around the block, opinionated, can’t be hoodwinked, think Mae West, and Kate Hepburn for a couple of examples from the extreme ends of the spectrum, glamorous with a head on her shoulders! “

The participating Old Broads are: Ada Pullini Brown, Leslie Brown, Jill Carol, Tammy Carlson Greenwood, Brenda Hurst, Karen Karlsson, Karen Kauffman, Sant Khalsa, Denise Kraemerr, Deborah Lambert, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Stevie Love, Snezana Saraswati Petrovic, Karen Pollitt, Anita Ray, Cindy Rinne, Karrie Ross, Catherine Ruane, Caryl St Ama, Sharon Suhovy,  Jill Sykes and Robin Sayles Tripaldi.

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pressourbreastsI have made a catalog of part of this series.
It is available at Amazon for purchase.

I believe the best way to create a happy healthy self is to attend to the internal energies that are developing in us all the time, the act of observing and listening to them at any given moment.

This is not the first series where I explore breasts… it is the first time I’m using my breasts as the main element in an art project… “Press Your Breasts.” A part for me is in the sharing of my experience, the internal beauty of breasts with others, some who may have had illnesses, cancer, and lost their breasts. I am in process of expanding this concept into gallery exhibitions and fund raising opportunities for non-profit use. (October is Breast Cancer Month) Please contact me if any part of this new project resonates with you.

From a purely process driven position, the mono print has been turning up in my work now for the past year mostly as a bleep of color flying around the images in the pieces adding an energy that can not only be seen but felt.

Why my breasts? Why NOT my breasts? As I head into the next twenty or so years of my life, I’m 65 years old right now, I figure I might as well explore things I didn’t when I was younger. What we learn as we age is that we have a set point for age-consciousness … mine is 5 years old! So all I want to do is play, and I chose to play with my breasts and paint.

So I found some paper, prepped my palette, cleaned my brushes, prepped my breasts, logged into my iphone and started painting, shooting video and stills and pressing my breasts to paper and canvas with a wonderful feeling of exploration and tingling inside. I am really liking this mono print thing and might expand it to other parts of my body.

I’m scared shitless! Artists are supposed to bring things to light, to expose, to share an exploration, a why? So, while others are exploring politics, economics, and environmental issues, I’m exploring my internal world — my image of self — for as I think I am, I am, and as long as I have an inquiry as to who, what, where, when, how, why I am — I will explore and share my internal questions and insecurities — and be a fearless OMG example of living my art with abandon.

My previous book,  My Breasts Talking is a narrative about my breasts’, observations and the
interesting conversations that occur. They are expressive and definitely have a voice that is unique… you know, one that stands out from the rest of the body.

My Bustiers are a sculpture series (using plastic bra forms) and is about the beauty we show the world (the front side), and the internal dialogue and feelings we have (the back side).

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Karrie’s work centers around the personal generation of a continuous flow of energy and her belief that this energy can be shared with the world through exploring — art, haikus, writing, music, and exampling the concepts of feng shui. energy balancing, and most of all PLAY.

Karrie is a native of Los Angeles and describes herself as visual, and conceptual artist who creates art with abandon.


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