Hire me… Muse – Coach – Consultant!

Yes, the word is out, I’m a MUSE (coach, consultant) and I’m glad of it. I’ve been helping people, authors, artists focus, see what they do in a different way… to understand self promotion and how to create their web-presence BRAND for years…and take control of the how, what and where they are doing / going.

So now you ask “What is a Muse?”



or better still… “What kind of a Muse am I?”

I’m a facilitator.


My background stretches far and wide with experiences, both personal and professional. I’m a coach, marketer, paradigm shift turner, feng shui energy balancer and now muse facilitator.

My mind sees and thinks in nonstandard, out-of-the-box ways. My listening is atuned to the nuance of your languaging, voice and words. Your story shows up for me and I listen and ask you questions…that will muse you to the next level of sight or action.

Sounding a little fancy for you…? In more direct and basic terms. You and I have a phone conversation, you tell me your goals and if you are being stopped etc. I listen, ask questions and suggest actions that will take your brain in and out of it’s illusion and burst you open to another way of thinking and seeing. And something changes by the end of the conversation. I know, I know… but I’ve done it for years, I did it yesterday and I did it again today.

Do you want it too?

What I do is:

  • Who am I? Where do I fit?
    o Brainstorm and guidance for marketing you as an artist. Setting up an active to-do list for promotion to the people and venues that will move your career along
    o Advise writing your bio, statement, CV/resume
    o Website set up and training how to use and keep current; mailing lists development
    o Design and creation of printed materials such as business card, post card, catalogue, brochure, etc.*
    o Press releases, press kits, image selection and organization; a quick easy way to create and maintain
    o list of sites for call-for-entries, online magazines, blogs, print resources, listing on art websites and how to use them and more… (see below for most common)
    o Creating YOUR story for you to build upon over time that will establish your Transmediabrand and platform

    *Note: some items listed may require an additional pricing for design and creative assistance.
  • I don’t have the time… Coming to grips with Social Media Set up and Training
    o We will discuss and set up facebook, instagram, twitter
    o Plan out a strategy for your presence and creating relationships
    o How to use each site and cross over concepts to build backlinks
    o How to system for creating page ranking
  • Gotta Start Somewhere… Here are some misc items and processes
    o helpful tips for navigating the art-world and the process (mind-set) to develop
    o where to find call for entries and getting on mailing lists and how to set up a system
    o how to be seen… getting noticed
    o guiding Q&A sessions helping move the way you see where you belong get you unstuck
    o Together we will put together a list of what to do and plan out the timeline.
  • and open to your questions on any part of an art career

What I don’t do is: I can not secure you a dealer, buyer, critics, art agents, interviews, articles…   get you gallery representation or in the news, etc.  I CAN advise you on this and assist in building a list of who and where and whats.

Cost: $200 for first 90 min and I’ll record it and send you the audio. $100 for each hour after that. Package pricing available based on your individual needs are. The consult can be set up to do by phone /or/ in person at a prearranged lunch meeting at a location near Mar Vista.

Payment in advance here is the page

THEN call or email me (be sure to mention the Muse Service) to schedule a time for our consultation.

Qualifications: Working artist in the Los Angeles area shown in galleries and museums. Certified Life Coach, NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming, Feng Shui Practioner, Hypnosis, practicing marketing, branding, advertising, business consultant since 1980s. There is more I just can’t think of it yet. Oh yeah… I’m a mom and wrote an ++ award winning parenting book which might not seem like a big deal but is was for me.

CURATOR BIO: Karrie Ross works as curator, art-book-project organizer, installation, award winning visual artist and author, based in Los Angeles. Her art practice extends into inspiring and how-to presentations for groups and schools in the Southern California area with plans to grow it over time. She is self-employed, working in advertising, marketing and promotion for over 35 years helping individuals and companies create an on- and off-line brand presence. Karrie offers consulting as a “muse coach” to help you find a best path platform for you and your art to follow.









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