Hand Drawings

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Hands have fascinated me for years. The more surreal-ist images on this page were created in the 1980s, at a time of turmoil and question in my life, a time when important insights and choices were coming at me from all directions and I worked the answers out through the drawings. I would hang them on my bedroom wall so I could see them all the time, keeping the “change” obvious at least to my subconscious mind… in the hopes of my consciousness mind “getting” what needed to be done.

I’ve taken this fascination one more step and over the 6 months even through the new work is not surreal, it has it’s own “ownership of purpose” about how hands are involved in every part of our lives and I remembered my fathers hands… I have created 50 paintings, 8×8 for a new book “My Hands Talking” and each is joined by a haiku, a thought about hands, or an experience related to hands. Please enjoy and let me know if you’d like to purchase the original or an archival reproduction of any of the images. Note: some originals have been damaged so only archival reproductions are available. See and learn more about Totally Hands the book and paintings.


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