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Bustier Books and My Breasts Talking…


“What is Your Story” bustier by Karrie Ross on a pedestal made of books.

“My Breasts Talking” Book has been made into a conceptual art booked-out bustier on a pedestal of books all with related titles. I have taken the book I wrote, “My Breasts Talking” and cut up the thoughts and glued them onto the bustier.

As with all bustiers in the series, the front is the beauty we show the world and the back is the dialogue that goes on behind the beauty. The back of this one sets the title of the piece, “What is YOUR Story?” as well as the copyright page and a further message.

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SOLD!! Karrie Ross’ “Left/Right” Bustier will be at the Gallery 825 “Out There” Show

I’m happy to announce that the artwork “Left/Right” Bustier,  has been SOLD! at the Out There, show, a special exhibition celebrating the LGBT experience during West Hollywood’s Pride Month festivities at Gallery 825, June 8 – June 15, 2012.
Location:  825 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069; 310-652-8272

The Out There calendar is as follows:
Exhibition Runs: June 8 – June 15, 2012
Friday, June 8, 6 to 9pm (parking on the street and possibly valet)

Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA) and the City of West Hollywood are proud to announce the fifth annual Out There exhibition celebrating the LGBT experience during West Hollywood’s Pride Month festivities. This effort commemorates West Hollywood’s lasting commitment to raising public awareness and appreciation of the talents and abilities of all artists.

 The Out There exhibition opening at Gallery 825 on June 8 is an all-media exhibition juried by Francisco George and William Escalera. Out There celebrates and acknowledges the special opportunities that West Hollywood provides for creative individuals. Out There is made possible by the City of West Hollywood. Out There runs June 8-15 at Gallery 825.

Featured Artists: Ruben Acosta, Sarah Barnard, Gary Frederick Brown, J.T. Burke, Jarred Cairns, Ellen Cantor, Joanne Chase-Mattillo, Michael Chearney, Nicholas Coroneos, Yu Cotton-Well, Adrienne Davis, Jolly de Guzman, Jose L. De Juan, Raul De La Torre, Wanda Decca, Jack Dorlan, Lore Eckelberry, Hadiya Finley, Helane Freeman, Dwora Fried, Norbert Garcia, Michael Giliberti, Teale Hatheway, Eileen Hespen, Kirk Kain, Motoko Kamada, Jim Keville, Linda Kunik, Teresa Lakier, Echo Lew, Gray Malin, Mary Grace McKernan, Daniel Monteavaro, Andy Moses, Marin Murakoshi, Michael Ochinero, Mei Xian Qiu, Burton Rein, Rachael Rendon, Karrie Ross, Dennis Ruble, Linda Jo Russell, Susan Sanchez, Heather Scholl,  Sharron Shayne, Rena Small, Ashleigh Sumner, Hui Tan, Phil Tarley, Joseph Terrill, Vincent Tomczyk, Tim Townsley, Ariel Vargassal, Frank Ventrola, Cathy Weiss, Davyd Whaley, Karen Frimkess Wolff and Joan Wulf.


To read more about the bustier series see a previous post Karrie Ross Bustiers, A Dialogue from the Inside Out

I am also offering to create commission pieces on this series… a personalization of ‘breast bustier’ art and words (using existing plastic form) for the collector. Please be sure to call me to arrange yours. 310-915-0920

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Customize Your Breasts with a Karrie Ross Original Artwork Bustier!

Have you ever wanted to Customize Your Breasts with a piece of Art? Well now is your chance to do it with a one-of-a-kind, Karrie Ross Bustier embellished just for you.

Customize Your Breasts with a Karrie Ross Bustier; 15w x 13h x 7d

Together we’ll create the imagery that represents the who you are… the external and internal visual and dialogue you will keep forever…OR… Gift it to a loved one for a special day. Either way, the you you are today will live on in this piece of custom artwork.

I’ll spend time with you in person or on the phone asking questions. We’ll review your feelings, passions, desires along with the colors and textures you like best. We can use clothing, fabrics, jewels, paint, pencil and more… along with a variety of different mediums to bring your custom bustier alive. Your personality will be exposed for the drama and dialogue for the back, which all comes from you…your experiences.

When I completed the first bustier in this series, I realized I had exposed a part of me that I hadn’t recognized before. Oh it wasn’t a deep dark secret, but it did open my eyes and I’ve grown a little more with each one that has been created after that. (I have about 15 bustiers already created which are for sale, and priced at around $950 each, if you decide not to commission your own. Please contact me for details.)

Your Custom Bustier begins with a 15w x 13h x 7d, existing plastic form Continue reading

SOLD! “Exploring the Red Dot(s)” bustier by Karrie Ross at Gallery 825

SOLD! “Exploring the Red Dot(s)” bustier by Karrie Ross; 15 x 7 x 11; mixed media on plastic bra form

I am so excited that the bustier for Gallery 825 Sold and the owner will be enjoying it for a long time. This piece is inspired by a fascination with the red dot, not only just the simple dot but the concept of using a red dot to indicate a sale…  the back inquires if you have found yours yet?

I am currently also creating paintings within this exploration… the Red Dot. Why red? Red is a ‘hot’ color, it vibrates at a higher vibration and stimulates as Continue reading

Breast Awareness Auction at Very Venice Gallery

Breast Awareness: Karrie Ross, Michelle Ferrera, and Rachel Partiali, all Los Angeles based fine artists, present their artwork in honor of breast cancer awareness month this October. Each of their art portrays a different aspect of breast awareness. Through their unique expressions, they each depict their journeys to health and healing. A percentage of their proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Inc.

Karrie Ross, Los Angeles fine artist.

Ross’ Spiral Series: Bustiers were created to continue the conversations she has with her breasts chatter and attitude…from their back, interior dialogue, to the front, visual imagery that is shown to the world. This is an ongoing cathartic experience for her as it brings her closer to her body in a new and special way…which has inspired a whole series of books that she is writing in the series of which My Breasts Talking™ is the first, guiding her to a greater awareness of what makes us who we are. The “coming alive from the inside out.” Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles based fine artist who paints, draws, and sculpts art that fulfills the need for energy transformation.

The other two artists:

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“Conversations” Opening at the Topanga Gallery

The Topanga gallery show was about “Conversations”

“Conversations happen everywhere…between men, women, children, pets and especially in our minds within ourselves. We wanted to share this sense of communication and all it represents with those who visit the gallery and view our art during the show.

There was a sampling of the Bustiers, Portraits and Points… the show was met with rave reviews by all who attended, they seemed to really enjoy having their photos take with the Bustiers.

“Conversations” show by Karrie Ross at the Topanga Canyon Gallery, August 31 thru September 25, 201

There will be more images posted at a later date as the website is currently under construction for a new and more usable gallery function.


Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles Fine Artist who writes about the fine art business and process. She is available for educational panel discussions on her fine art and process. Her artwork is available for solo or group show, installations and public art opportunities. Please contact her at email for more information.

The Bustiers are talking on the Chicago Billboard Project

Chicago Billboard Project getting Breast Awareness images by Karrie Ross

Chicago Billboard Project. Ten cropped enlarged images from the Spiral Series bustiers and portraits have been chosen for the Chicago Billboard Project to air the whole month of October 2011. I choose to add the words “Breast Awareness” as October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And my images have a lot to do with breasts….the portraits emphasize them and the bustiers are all about them, the internal (back copy) and external (front artwork) dialogue that goes on.

I’m excited about this project, wish I could be there to see them ‘live’ in full size. There are not many things that can top the feeling of seeing ones art out in the world larger than life… here’s looking forward to more opportunities to show my artwork in similar displays. See samples below of other images in this display.

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SOLD: “Oh The Two of Us”

Oh-the-two-of-us-SOLD: 2011 to Lori and Herair Garboushian (Karrie in the middle)

I’m excited to announce that Spiral Series: Bustiers:  “Oh The Two of Us” SOLD at the LAAA annual auction to Lori and Herair Garboushian of Los Angeles.

This is the first Bustier I painted/drew in this series. I started the beginning of this year and I now have 15 finished with more to come.

Being the first one, it was painted most similar to my Spiral Series paintings in its approach with the drawing and painting applied to the “canvas” of a plastic bra form. This seems to be classified as a sculpture since it is free standing  but I did not do the form. I plan to explore that avenue later. I consider this a painting/drawing.

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Karrie’s Bustiers… a dialogue of inside and outside of breasts…

Do you have an internal dialogue going on?

I am currently painting what I call Spiral Series: Bustiers. This series reflects the connection between breasts on the outside, what is seen, shown to the world… and the inside what is felt/thought, hidden from the world.

The external dialogue can be seen in the drawing, the beauty of the painted/drawn imagery. The internal dialogue can be read on the back side which reflects the hidden dialogue… most are from a humor attitude, some are questioning or observing… all are me and my breasts.

It’s not so much a fascination with breasts as that I have them and they are large and they have always been seen… if I don’t dress them down I have people talking to my chest not my face or looking in my eyes. The issues with buying clothes to fit. The times they’ve seemed to have a mind of their own. The moments of pleasure and pain. The time we were pregnant, grew in strange ways and breast feed. Getting older we have experienced gravity. All this in fun and humor dialogue from the internal and external expressions…

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“Oh The Two of Us” new Spiral Series bustiers… you gotta see them!

Karrie Ross at the Gallery 825 “Not A C.A.R.” show; Spiral Series: bustiers: “Oh The Two Of US!!”, free standing or hanging

I’m thrilled to be a part of the “Not A C.A.R.” show this April with my newest fun painted 3D mannequin bustiers… I’ve even written a short poem, thought or nonsense on the back…so far there are 5 with more on the way!

Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA) and Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.) are proud to present NOT A CAR, a special all-media, cross-cultural exhibition featuring the highlights from the C.A.R. art fair in Essen, Germany, alongside original contemporary artworks by Los Angeles artists debuting at Gallery 825 on April 9, 2011. The exhibit, juried by Silvia Sonnenschmidt and Thomas Volkmann, will present a unique cross section of international galleries, artists and ideas. Exhibit runs through April 29, 2011. Continue reading