Brand 42: Works on Paper at the Brand Library Glendale

"Party" by Karrie Ross; 15"x22"; watercolor oil, acrylic on 300 arches paper

“Party” by Karrie Ross; 15″x22″; watercolor oil, acrylic on 300 arches paper

This is my second time at the Brand Works on Paper. I’m very happy to be included with such a fine list of artists.

From the Brand website: “For more than 40 years the Annual Juried Exhibition organized and sponsored by the Brand Associates has been one of the preeminent stages upon which artists from around the country have exhibited their work— more than 2,000 of them to date. This monumental record is enhanced by the historically significant Southern California-based artists, educators and critics who have served as jurors during those 40 years.

Jack Rutberg is the owner and director of Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Los Angeles, dealing in modern and contemporary art. In that capacity he has acted as dealer, curator and consultant for more than 25 years, representing a wide range of important American and European artists.


Hazel Antaramian-Hofman – Fresno, CA
Rey Armenteros – Los Angeles, CA
Karen Langer Baker – Fallbrook, CA
Gohar Barseghyan – San Francisco, CA
Sandra Beard – Sacramento, CA
Bedros Bedros – Woodland Hills, CA
Catherine   Bennaton – Altadena, CA
Jodi Bonassi – Canoga Park, CA
Liza Hennesey Botkin – Studio City, CA
Zel Brook – Corvallis, OR
Elinore Bucholtz – New York, NY
J.T. Burke – South Pasadena, CA
Katharine Butler – Sausalito, CA
Lloyd Cameron – Santa Monica, CA
Kimie Cho – Glendale, CA
Lynn E. Coleman – Woodland Hills, CA
Kevin Conn – Lake Elsinore, CA
Harach Davoodian – Glendale, CA
Jean Dibble – South Bend, IN
Roger Dolin – Van Nuys, CA
Carol Es – Alhambra, CA
Nicholas Fedak II – Burbank, CA
Michael Fleischhacker – Silver Spring, MD
Devorah Friedman – Glendale, CA
Robin Gibson – State College, PA
Ben Goldman – Studio City, CA
Robert Gorder – Baraboo, WI
Sylvia Hamilton Goulden – Studio City, CA
Tm Gratkowski – Gardena, CA
Minas Halaj – Glendale, CA
Cidne Hart – Los Angeles, CA
Gordon Henderson – Los Angeles, CA
Michael Herres – Lincoln, NE
Yuji Hiratsuka – Corvallis, OR
Araks Johannes – Glendale, CA
Barbara Kaleta – Pasadena, CA
Colleen M. Kelly – Santa Barbara, CA
Dan R. Kirchhefer – Topeka, KS
Sahn Klee – South Pasadena, CA
Linsley Lambert – Culver City, CA
Leslie Lanxinger – Los Angeles, CA
Anthony Lazorko – Mesilla, NM
Warner Le Menager – Pasadena, CA
Catherine Roberts Leach – Sherman Oaks, CA
Christopher Lee – Glendale, CA
Ellen Y. Levin – Los Angeles, CA
Harry Longstreet – Bainbridge Island, WA
Nguyen Ly – Whittier, CA
Bristol Mac Donald – Sherman Oaks, CA
Annie Mann – Los Angeles, CA
Crystal Michaelson – Venice, CA
Mary Owens – Glendale, CA
Leopoldo Pena – South Gate, CA
Chris Perry – New York, NY
Melissa Reischman – Tujunga, CA
Allan Roman Reyes – Sunland, CA
Kyle Richter – Mission viejo, CA
Danelle Rivas – South Pasadena, CA
Gragory Radionov – Northridge, CA
Launa D. Romoff – Los Angeles, CA
Karrie Ross – Los Angeles, CA
Yoonsook B. Ryang – Irvine, CA
Brandon Sanderson – Red Springs, NC
John Selleck – Beverly Hills, CA
Cory Sewelson – Altadena, CA
Christian Smith – West Hollywood, CA
Sigitas Sniras – Santa Monica, CA
Kay B. Snodgrass – Pasadena, CA
Sabine Steinmetz – Burbank, CA
Annie Stromquist – Long Beach, CA
Jamie Sweetman – Sierra Madre, CA
Neal Taylor – Los Angeles, CA
Linda Ternoir – Pasadena, CA
Philip Vaughan – Altadena, CA
Arlene Vidor – Glendale, CA
Dana L. Walker – Altadena, CA
Ashley Wilson – Los Angeles, CA
Randy Won – Sacramento, CA

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