2013 The Peace Project traveling show “It’s in the News!” Hands #46

Hands #46 "It's in the News!" will be part of the whole 9 The Peace Project traveling show

Hands #46 “It’s in the News!” will be part of the whole 9 The Peace Project traveling show

I am pleased and excited to pass along the news that I have a piece in Whole-9, 2013 The Peace Project traveling show…. Artwork: Hands #46 – “It’s In the News” will be part of the traveling show display of 165 images.

My Vision of Peace
2013 has had it’s share of violence. When I saw this page in the local news I knew I had to add it to the 50 Hand paintings I was doing. Hands are such a powerful symbol. They help and hinder and show the way. This hand is raised, raised to promote PEACE in trying times and is surrounded by “eyes” watching and waiting… wondering why. The planting of seeds is necessary for any growth to happen.

Collage of acrylic paint and pencil along with a daily newspaper clipping, trade-beads.

Aside from this being a traveling show, another thing that is interesting about this event is that the original doesn’t travel. They set up a grid of 12″x12″ archival reproductions and display and sell those at all the locations… that way they can sell several of the image and the original remains with the artist to sell as they want…



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