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Exhibition: Coastline Community College; Pixaloop animation

Finding its way into the Coastline Community College Show January 26, 2019 “Kitsch In Snyc” curated by Bradford Salamon. ( https://www.facebook.com/events/484896188601950/ )

Each artist was asked two seemingly simple questions ; how do we know what is good and who decides ? Today everyone has a chance to voice their opinions and have them heard. How much importance should be put on art criticism? Do we need it now more than ever? In the past, certain ways of working were ignored. How many times has painting been declared “dead”?

For many decades realist paintings and drawings were not taken seriously by most art critics. One such critic was Clement Greenberg who, without any formal art education, was hugely influential and made the career of Jackson Pollock. In 1939 Greenberg wrote an essay titled, “Avant-Garde and Kitsch”, where he argued that “all that is academic is kitsch”.

For many decades this was the prevailing view. Now, any subject or way of working is open for an artist to consider and can be taken seriously. There seems to be everything and the kitchen sink being done today and almost all artists can find some kind of audience. Is this a good thing?

*The title for this show was suggested by writer and art critic Peter Frank after discussions with the curator.

The animation in the below image was created using Pixaloop app software.

“Your Stairway Lies in the Whispering Wind” ; 17″ x 32″; mixed media


Participating Artists: Kim Abeles, Francisco Alvarado, Craig Skibs Barker, Jane Bauman, Jodi Bonassii, Ashley Bravin, David Buckingham, Frank Dixon, Tom Dowling, Michael Flechtner, Jeff Gillette, John Marcella Grant, Laurie Hassold, F. Scott Hess, Angela Izzo, Regina Jacobsen, Eric Johnson, Keane, John Kilduff, David Kluver, Mark Kostabi, Raymond Logan, Gordon McClelland, David Michael Lee, Gary Lloyd, Tony Pinto, Serena Potter, Ciara Rafferty, Victoria Reynolds, Pat Riot, Karrie Ross, Catherine Ruanee, Mark Ryden, Kerri Sabine-Wolf, Bradford J. Salamon, Leigh Salgado, Kristine Schomaker, Tim Schwab, Gay Summer Sadow Rick, Eric Minh Swenson, Arthur Taussig, Jan Taylor, Kent Twitchell, Jeffrey Vallance, Joel Woodard, William Wray



My Own Private Moon 2016

My Own Private Moon curated by Karrie Ross September 2016

My Own Private Moon curated by Karrie Ross September 2016

This is the final hanging of the show. Deceptive it might have been with my request to paint a Moon. My curatorial vision extended not only to from the individual Moon work being created but to the final hanging of sets and the vibration of the coming-together.

The Moon theme was suggested to me about a year ago after a piece I did for the Waterworks II show in Ojai finished so beautifully, the connection I had with water, the moon, science interaciton, global warming, axis changes, and the human element spurred me on and extended my vision. My focus all along was for a traveling show, Galleries, Museums, college galleries, public spaces, please contact me with any interest, I have several ideas for extended iterations planned. Continue reading