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SOLD: The Tree

SOLD!  =  The Tree; 60h x 48w; oil, acrylic, pencil, gold leaf on canvas

SOLD! = The Tree; 60h x 48w; oil, acrylic, pencil, gold leaf on canvas

“The Tree” SOLD:  60h x 48w; oil, acrylic, pencil, gold leaf on canvas

The family who bought “The Tree” saw it at the Beverly Hills Art Show and we talked for several months about it.

I’m happy to report that it was SOLD and is happy in it’s new home. I consider the painting one of my signature pieces, not only for its size but for the detail and new explorations it holds.

I used a variety of paints: oils acrylics, metalics and gold leaf. The pencil spirals again cover the image and the ink drips and spirals enhance the mystery.

Thank you to the collector. May you enjoy it for many years.

"The Tree" being wrapped for delivery.

“The Tree” being wrapped for delivery.

Book Signing and Art… Be there!!

ross-karrie-book-signingSaturday, June 8, 2013
1:00pm until 4:00pm

Who: Graham Morris, Christopher Finch, Karrie Ross, Derek Boshier
What: Book signing and Art show
When: SATURDAY, June, 8th; Signing/reception: 1 to 4pm
Where: Continental Art Supplies
7041 Reseda Blvd., Reseda, CA 91335 • (818) 345-1044
(one block south of Sherman Way on the west side of the street, between Gault and Hart)

This event brings together three author/artsts and one artist who have something to say and display. Each will have artwork hung and books ready for signing.
There will be wine and cheese and cookies and…..

Here are photos from the event.

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Karrie Ross at the Gallery

I’m showing my new work at the Topanga Canyon Gallery  ” PHOtO GLaSS PAiNT” featuring artwork by Karrie Ross, Felice Willat, Farideh Azad. The show dates are October 3 thru 28 and the Opening Reception and Silent Auction; is Saturday, October 6th, 3-6pm.  ARTIST Talk, Sunday, October 28th; 2-5pm. Please check the News page for further information.

I’ll be showing artwork from the My Trees Talking; and a variety of smaller works from Energy Blooms, Sprial Series, Birds Talking; Drop Dot.

Panoramic of the full show with two other artitst
Karrie Ross: Three Flowers see more at the Topanga Canyon Gallery Show Oct. 3-28

My Trees Talking Show by Karrie Ross

Karrie Ross: Three Flowers see more at the Topanga Canyon Gallery Show Oct. 3-28

MyTT_long-view-b-to-f-7x7 thumbnail
MyTT_panoramic_14in thumbnail
MyTree_CVR_3D_72 thumbnail
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Karrie Ross: Three Flowers see more at the Topanga Canyon Gallery Show Oct. 3-28 thumbnail

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“My Trees Talking™” by Karrie Ross

Karrie Ross presents paintings, sculptures and a book for her new series “My Trees Talking™”.

Show Reception :  Saturday; October 6th; 3-6pm

Artist Talk : Sunday; October 28th; 2-5pm

At the Topanga Canyon Gallery; Pine Tree Circle; 120 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd., Suite 109; Topanga, CA 90290

Trees are all around us. They are alive. “Hug a tree!” we’re told… and we do.
Los Angeles has a project that has inspired me to create my own world of trees…some walk, some sing, some remind us of times past. AND they are speaking hiakus. “My Trees Talking”  brings to light the hidden life of trees. Through my vision and whimsical perspective combining artwork and the written word. TREEs you want to HUG will come alive for you. These trees will not crystalize your thoughts, they are not architecturally rendered; they are not assaulting or disruptive, inanimate or recycled visions of times past. “My Trees Talking” are extremely present and attentive to life in the everyday moment you breathe…and the action of breath is what connects all living things.

I ask a lot of questions. That is how I get in the mood to create artwork. Every piece of art has the action of researching a question. Some ask. Others answer. My focus is on the energy of the process, the how, the why, the who.

The research for my October show led me to the “Million Trees LA” project and I learned that so far they have helped distribute and plant around 350,000 trees to date. Wow… beautifying LA and trees… how much better can it be…. So, I decided to make, “TREES” the focus and imagery for my show!


My Trees Talking by Karrie Ross; #15

My Trees Talking by Karrie Ross; #15

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My Trees Talking by Karrie Ross; #15 thumbnail
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I then pushed the process to form a question, and decided to explore it more. My thoughts went to the “My ____ Talking” series of books I’m writing, then I asked, “How can I work another book Continue reading