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Creating balance …


Karrie Ross (Photo by EMS)

Born in Los Angeles, California, multidisciplinary artist Karrie Ross has over forty years of experience in her craft, and has been collected throughout the United States and abroad. Ross’ mixed media artwork grows out of a fascination with being human, the asking and answering of questions about the self in an intuitive manner, and bringing attention to the value of how one’s energy affects life and living in this world. Her work has been featured in over 135 exhibitions (2010-2017), including museum shows at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery LAMAG, Museum of Art and History Lancaster MOAH, Torrance Art Museum TAM, and a 6 month traveling show beginning in Italy, to the Oceanside Art Museum OAM, ending up at the Riverside Art Museum RAM. Ross has also been highlighted in several publications including Hollywood Today, EasyReader, the Los Angles Times, and the Huffington Post. Apart from her art, Ross is also an award winning author, and publishes a yearly art-project-book spotlighting artists ‘in-life’ stories, “Our Ever Changing World,” Artist ART & Story, which focuses on creating community, and documenting the Art Scene, mostly California, over her life time.

Ross currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.


Remember this … you are whole and complete just the way you are. Which really doesn’t mean anything until you’ve taken the journey through the muck and survived—to go through more—with moments of light and great joy in between. With each birthday and new year, I look forward to and live for the in betweens.

©2017 Karrie Ross